SPEDI Control

Suitable for one or two lane stores who want to be able to offer “that little bit more” than the competition. With no unnecessary wiring and network setup issues, SPEDI Control is simple to install, quick to learn and easy to manage. Designed for smaller stores, SPEDI Control gives you back office functions that can be run from the counter in the shop, so benefits can be received without the usual extra space and cost demands.

Some key features offered by SPEDI Control are:

  • Even the smallest shop can benefit from a scanning system and just think … no more price labeling of individual products, yet every product is sold at the price you want.
  • Electronic product files available from most major suppliers, meaning it’s simple to keep product and price files up-to-date.
  • Help creating suppliers’ orders using sales figures, which can then be sent electronically, and receive delivery notes to help book in stock and identify substitutions.
  • Easy setup of Mix & Match or Bulk Buy offers, which together with promotions set by your wholesaler will keep shoppers visiting your store.
  • Many reports including: Best & Worst Sellers; Over & Under Stocks; and High & Low Margins, so it’s easy to identify and change products that are not making the right contribution to the business, by adjusting their price or de-listing lines that just aren’t selling.

SPEDI Maintain

Suitable for all sizes of store, SPEDI Maintain is the best back office solution available to the convenience sector. Developed using experience gained while writing back
office programs for many of the major wholesalers, SPEDI Maintain will make your store easy to manage and give you the knowledge you need to satisfy your customers..

Some key features offered by SPEDI Maintain are:

  • Ability to communicate electronically with most major suppliers, automatically keeping prices and product lists up-to-date.
  • Wholesaler’s promotion file download, so easy to identify and run promotions, to get customers to keep visiting your store on a regular basis.
  • Easy to identify products, which are not making the right contribution to your business and correct their price, or even de-list lines that just aren’t selling.
  • Help creating suppliers’ orders using stock and/or sales figures, which are then sent electronically, and receive delivery notes to help book in stock and identify substitutions on morning delivery.
  • Many reports including: Best and Worst Sellers; Over and Under Stocks; High and Low Margins; giving you figures to base important decisions on!
SPEDI Control SPEDI Maintain
Amount of Tills supported Up to 2 3+
Connect to Exchange Head Office program
Stock Control Basic Advanced
Sales & Stock reports Basic Advanced
System suggested orders based on sales history & stock levels
Manual ordering
All reports printable, viewable and exportable into text or .csv format
Highly customisable till log viewer
Mix & Match promotions
Unlimitted products
Age restricted products
Customisable Shelf Edge Label design
Custom report generator
In-depth Management Analysis
Multiple Pricing Strategies for supplier product updates
Access to product pricing functions restricted by operator authority level