SPEDI Exchange

Running a business at more than one location raises a number of logistical issues, but with SPEDI Exchange you can easily control and monitor prices, stock and sales from one central site.

SPEDI Exchange itself is installed at the Head Office, while SPEDI Branch is installed at each of the Branches which are to be controlled. All communication between the Head Office and the Branches is performed through an FTP server using a private username and password.

With functions to help with Head Office tasks, SPEDI Exchange offers:

  • Flexible control of branch options to add or price products and ranges.
  • Different pricing schemes including promotions, such as Mix and Match for shops in different areas, so profits can be maximized depending on the local competition.
  • Option to move stock between shops so you can get the benefit from bulk buying.
  • Reports available for all branches or specific selected shops for the period of time you choose.
  • Allows more time for trading and less in administration, saving management time and effort.
  • Improves operator control and reduces errors in the branches.