SPEDI NewsRack

An industry Standard product (using data from Smiths or Menzies), which can be used by any shop selling newspapers and wanting prices and barcodes automatically updated on their system. Combining the expertise of our development team, with the experience of newsagents, SPEDI NewsRack makes selling papers easier, more profitable and has advantages to any shop selling papers.

An invaluable tool in getting paper’s barcodes and prices to the tills, SPEDI NewsRack key features are:

  • Electronic delivery notes from news wholesalers, which automatically update stock levels and send barcodes and prices to the tills.
  • Reminders for when unsold magazines are to be returned and say how many copies you are looking for.
  • Diary function, so regular events can be setup to give a reminder when a task is due.
  • Function to check invoices and credit notes from wholesalers, which will simplify checking your news bills.

SPEDI NewsRound

An industry Standard product for newsagents, offering the full range of services, including home news delivery (HND).

SPEDI NewsRound offers additional functions to those offered by SPEDI NewsRack and is suitable for all sizes of Newsagents, which makes early morning tasks much more straightforward.

An invaluable tool in the smooth running of your shop SPEDI NewsRound also offers:

  • Records holiday ‘stop’ and ‘start’ dates and logs what the customer wants done with any magazines they’ll miss.
  • Easy delivery round creation with a list of streets, so papers can be given to the right person. Round sheets are produced either daily or weekly.
  • Easy and accurate control of Customer Vouchers.
  • Customer account produced on paper, or there’s an Email facility allowing paperless billing, and reminders can be sent by text when an account is overdue.
  • Includes facility to control sub-wholesaling and/or hotel billing.