SPEDI_ONE watch allows you to check what is happening in your store on any device that can browse the World Wide Web. This includes almost every computer, tablets, and smartphones.

The Diary

The diary function is used to schedule tasks and to record their completion. The operator must give a password to confirm completion, and may enter data such as a temperature or a comment. The diary function can be used to alert you to overdue events in time to recover from the problem. It will also produce evidence to show that procedures such as temperature checks have been properly followed - all with minimum effort for you and your staff.

The Dashboard

staff discounts. Turnover today is shown by till, by department, and graphically. The last ten transactions are listed or you may choose to show all of today’s transactions. Any transaction may be expanded to show the details line by line.

Store History

The history summarises your business for yesterday, this week, last week, this month, and last month. Data which can be shown includes sales by department, by hour, or by VAT rate. You may show how many age checks were made, and list all the refusals, including all the details required for your refusals register. Data may be exported to other applications or printed.

Stock Search

price. It is ideal for answering customer queries, because with suitable choice of search term, you not only show the product which the customer wants, but also the most obvious substitutes.