Connections & Wholesalers

SPEDI Software is able to link to most of the major wholesalers, which provides a number of benefits to you and your business.

Some key features offered by SPEDI Connections are:

  • Product files from your supplier to update the store’s system and suggest selling prices. Open a list of promotions is also available from the supplier so you can easily participate in the supplier’s program.
  • Placing orders electronically so you know that the order has been sent accurately to the supplier.
  • Receiving electronic delivery notes so exceptions are easy to deal with and you know exactly what to expect on the physical delivery.
  • Daily advice of News barcodes and price changes if you have our news software. These prices are automatically updated at the tills so less work first thing in the morning.
  • Advertising screens to highlight in-store promotions or possible extra revenue if you display 3rd party adverts.

Wholesalers that SPEDI Software can connect to:

  • Best One
  • Best Way
  • Blakemore & Sons LTD
  • Booker
  • CostCutter
  • Filshill
  • Londis
  • Nisa
  • P&H, Palmer & Harvey
  • SPAR

News Connections

  • Smiths / Connect2U
  • iMenzies